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“New Year, New Me”

Happy New Year!!! We wish all of you the happiest year ahead for 2021!

Let's face it 2020 has been one of the most unpredictable and challenging years of our lifetime. We've all had different experiences of the year due to the pandemic.

The pandemic has led to many different outcomes; some starting new businesses whilst others losing their jobs, some starting new families whilst others removing themselves from an unhealthy relationship, some have fallen ill whilst others have taken this opportunity to improve their fitness. It's been a difficult year and one that has left many of us remembering the importance of staying connected.

Whether you like it or loathe it technology has played a big part in keeping us all connected during 2020. 2021 is going to be no different, in fact 2021 should be the year that we celebrate these connections and we celebrate each other.

This has been the case when it comes to dating as well. Many companies have used the initiative and provided new features on the apps and websites to get us all connected during this time. The use of video calls to connect with your match is no longer a bizarre style of dating. In fact the founder of the dating app ‘Bumble’, Whitney Wolfe Herd, stated in her recent Bloomberg Interview that she believes video dating is here to stay. The Lights of zoom and house party have become household brands for all of us during this pandemic. These new features along with many others are here to stay and we should embrace them to enhance our experiences with each other.

When it comes to the new year and the famous phrase “New Year, New Me” it's safe to say that this year many people have mixed views on this. It can be hard to see how things will improve and to stay positive. It can also seem harder when you are single. A lot of 2021 is going to be dictated by the way we cope with our surroundings. As one famous quote says “You are defined by the choices you make when conflicts arise” (source kineticbear). This leads me to ask, how will you let the current conflicts define your choices? Will you persevere and make the most of 2021 despite the current situation or will you let the things around you affect your reactions to them? No matter how cliche it may sound our future is dictated by our actions.

Now is the time to put aside 2020 and plan forwards for a better 2021. We should utilise the many resources that we have available to us and energise ourselves to make the most of what's to come in 2021. Don’t waste time feeling glum. Instead why not make the most of online dating, create an in-depth meaningful profile and make the most of video dating! As 2021 looks to be the year where things turn around for the world and maybe for you too!

* New Year, New Me Article

By Shugi of @made_my_date

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