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Virtual Date Ideas

Like many others you may be excited and open to the idea of Virtual Dating but you don’t have a clue on where to start!

Check out this list of Creative Ideas compiled just for you

1.) A Virtual Coffee Date

Use any of the many video chat facilities available these days, set a day and time and show each other how you make your favourite brew! This is great for anyone that has a fancy coffee machine or a specialty brew. It’s also very simple and very cost effective. For extra brownie points you could also show off your baking skills as a treat to accompany your hot drink, taking things 1 step further you could bake them beforehand and send them to your date for you both to enjoy at the same time on your video chat. If you want to extend the date further, why not play a game together also with good old fashioned pen and paper. Here’s a link to an article that gives you a list of games that are suitable for two to play using a pen and paper:
Pen & Paper Games

2.) As Easy as a Walk in The Park

Since going for a walk in the park is the most common activity that we can all still do at the moment, how about arranging a video call date where you show eachother your local park. Make it interesting by showing off any hidden gems in the local area that most people don’t know about or are exceptionally beautiful. Use this opportunity to talk about your local area, the facilities that are available, what you would normally do in the area pre-covid times and maybe even show off your knowledge on horticulture if it’s a hobby of yours! And if you don’t know you can always cheat with the PlantSnap App:

3.) I’m Game if You are

Online gaming is great for anyone that may be shielding and cannot go out for a socially distant date. It’s also great if you both have a competitive side and there are so many options to choose from! A quick and easy option is using the App ‘House Party’. You can both see each other in a Video call whilst playing one of nine different interactive activities together. It’s a great way to break the ice before meeting for a socially distant date too. If you are both avid gamers and want something a bit more challenging, you could always connect using one of the well known gaming consoles. I also recommend taking some of the traditional games online such as scrabble, Battleships, Boggle and Chess.

4.) Let’s get Physical

Why not try a virtual sparring session at the Gym or in a home workout session via Video Call. As they say, exercise releases endorphins and puts you in a good mood. Why not be on that high whilst spending quality time with your date. This works even better if you are both into fitness, if one of you has a skill that can be taught to the other and/or if you are both into challenges. Think 1-2-1 kick-boxing sessions, plank challenges or even weight lifting together. As they say “couples that workout together, stay together”!

5.) Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder

For something a bit different and to show off your creative side, why not have an online Art session together where you can draw each other’s portraits. Make it fun by playing ambient music in the background, having a drink or two and preparing some snacks. If you want to add some extra fun to the activity, turn it into a competition by timing the drawing and sharing your results at the end. You can also play your own version of pictionary if you're not so creatively talented. Get your drawing skills up to scratch before your Virtual Date by completing one of these free courses on the skill share website: Drawing A fun version of pictionary online can be found in ‘Drawasaurus’, here’s a link to their website: Drawasaurus’,

6.) The Right Key (musical note) to my Heart

Perhaps you and your date are both musically talented? A great way to share a mutual passion is by having a musical jam session together. Get out your instruments, pick a song that you both know and jam together. It’s a great way to show off your talents and show that you can work together on something special. There are a whole host of apps that help you to jam together and I recommend that you check out the following: Jammr Multiplayer Music If you are avid singers you can use ‘Smule app’ or ‘Yousician app’ to create a Duet together too.

7.) Virtual Movie Night

For a simpler and more traditional date idea, have a movie night with your date. You can share a movie screen together using Zoom or using the Netflix Party plug-in online. This works best if the movie and the sound is streamed on 1 screen only to avoid interference and a time-lapse. If you want to impress your date further you should send them a little hamper with a load of goodies for a cosy night in. Check out the hamper offers on the Made My Date website launching soon.

8.) Show off Your Talents

Are you great at making cocktails or a dab hand at knitting? Think a ‘Skill Share’ but as a date where you can both learn from each other. This is a great way to show off your talents and to teach each other a new skill. As social creatures we love to talk about ourselves and we love attention. By the both of you sharing your skills, you will fulfill these needs and you will in turn feel more connected to each other. You never know your special talent might be something that your date was looking to learn in this new year!

* Virtual Date Ideas

By Shugi of @made_my_date

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